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Conference Brochure

Overview of the Conference

Conference Venue: Yanbian University
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
18:30~20:30 Conference Reception (1st floor, Yanbian Huayang Hotel Restaurant)
Thursday, June 27, 2019 Venue: 8th floor, Science & Technology Building, Yanbian University
08:30~09:00 Registration
09:00~09:30 Opening Session (Room 1)
09:30~11:00 Policy Session I: Transportation and Logistics in Northeast Asia (Room 1)
11:00~11:15 Tea Break
11:15~12:15 General session 1: Labor Economics
(Organized by Korea Employment Service Institute) (Room 1)
General Session 2: Energy Economics (Room 3)
General Session 3: International Trade I (Room 4)
12:15~13:15 Lunch (3rd Restaurant, Yanbian University)
13:15~14:45 Policy session II: Trade and Investment in Northeast Asia (Room 1)
General session 4: Financial and Housing Markets (Room 3)
14:45~15:00 Tea Break
15:00~16:30 Policy Session III: Energy issues in Northeast Asia
(Organized by Korea Energy Economics Institute) (Room 1)
General session 5: International Trade II (Room 3)
16:30~16:45 Tea Break
16:45~18:15 Policy Session IV: Challenges for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
(Panel Discussion) (Room 1)
18:15~18:30 Closing Session
19:00~21:00 Dinner (Huangguan Wedding Hall Restaurant)
Friday, June 28, 2019 (Meet in the hotel lobby at 07:50)
08:00~18:00 Border Tour

Conference Pictures


Our designated hotel for the conference is Huayang Hotel (연변화양호텔), and the name, address and telephone number are:
电话:0086-433-2667222 .
Hotel will be booked by the local organizers (Yanbian University)
From the international airport, it takes about 15 minutes to arrive in the hotel. When you take a taxi, please show the taxi driver address above. Taxi fare is in between 30 to 50 Chinese yuan (about $4~$7). Yanbian University is about 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Call for Papers

This year’s conference will be held at Yanbian University in Yanji, China on 27 to 29 June 2019, under the main theme of ‘Challenges and New Approaches for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia’. We aim to provide a forum for policy makers and academicians to discuss how countries in this region can cooperate, particularly in the following three categories:

– Transport and logistics
– Natural resources and energy
– Trade and investment

Nevertheless, this conference invites and welcomes all contributions that enrich the perspectives of Northeast Asia and expand the ground for better policy for regional cooperation.
Economists, policy-makers, and practitioners are invited to submit papers on Korea, Asia-Pacific, and the world economy. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome.
Submission: If interested, please send a draft of your paper or an extended abstract (500+ words long) in English, together with your name, affiliation, academic position, mail and e-mail addresses, and phone and fax numbers, by May 15, 2019 to the Program Committee (Email: conference@akes.or.kr):
Papers will be selected through a competitive peer review. Notification of acceptance will be sent out around May 22, 2019. The final version of all papers for presentation will be due by June 12, 2019.
Registration fee: USD 100 (KRW 120,000)

– Registration fee will be waived for life-time members of the AKES
– Two nights of stay in the hotel in Yanji will be covered by the AKES for one presenter per paper.

Publication: All presenters will be invited (but not obligated) to submit their presented papers for possible publication in Korea and the World Economy (formerly known as the Journal of the Korean Economy), the English-language journal of the Association of Korean Economic Studies. Please note that all submitted papers will be subject to blind review. For the journal publications, please contact Professor Sung Jin Kang, Editor of the Journal (kwe@akes.or.kr)

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: By May 15, 2019
Notification of Acceptance: By May 22, 2019
Full Paper Submission: By June 12, 2019
Welcome Reception: June 26, 2019
Conference: June 27-28, 2019
Border tours: June 29, 2019
For inquiries, please contact:
Prof. Won Joong Kim, Program Committee Chair (Email: wjkim72@konkuk.ac.kr)
Prof. Hyelin Choi, Program Committee Coordinator (Email: conference@akes.or.kr)

Program Committee

Won Joong Kim, Konkuk University (Chair)
Hyung-Gun Kim, Kangwon National University
Hyelin Choi, Soongsil University (Coordinator)
Chung Mo Koo , CTBC Business School
Won Soon Kwon , Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Danbee Park, Kangwon National University
Jerang Lee, Bank of Korea Economic Research Institute
Sang Don Lee, Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training
Chonggak Shin, Korea Employment Service Institute

Local Oganizing Committee

Guo Shan An, Center for North and South Korea Studies, Yanbian University (Chair)
Xi Jie Jin, Yanbian University

Publication Committee

Sung Jin Kang, Korea University (chair, co-editor of the Journal of Korea and the World Economy)
Hyeon-seung Huh, Yonsei University
Kyoungwook Choi, University of Seoul
This is the eighteenth in the series of conferences on “Korea and the World Economy,” alternating biannually venues inside and outside Korea. This year, the conference will be held in Seoul, the heart of Korea. Previous conferences were held in:
1st Conference: July 21-22, 2002, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
2nd Conference: August 1-2, 2003, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
3rd Conference: July 3-4, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
4th Conference: December 10-11, 2005, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
5th Conference: July 7-8, 2006, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
6th Conference: July 2-3, 2007, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
7th Conference: June 20-21, 2008, Korea Institute of Public Finance (Seoul) and Kangwon National University (Chuncheon), Korea
8th Conference: Junly 9-10, 2009, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
9th Conference: June 25-26, 2010, University of Incheon, Incheon, Korea
10th Conference: August 12-13, 2011, Claremont McKenna College, California, USA
11th Conference: July 13-14, 2012, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
12th Conference: June 25-29, 2013, Tehran (U. of Tehran, MBRI), Isfahan (U. of Isfahan) and Shiraz, Iran
13th Conference: June 21-22, 2014, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
14th Conference: August 7-8, 2015, RDCY, Renmin University, Beijing, China
15th Conference: August 5-6, 2016, Korea Federation of Banks, Seoul, Korea
16th Conference: June 29-30, 2017, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam
17th Conference: June 25-26, 2018, Jeju Oriental Hotel Convention Center, Jeju, Korea