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11th Conference: Korea and the World Economy

Jul. 13-14, 2012
Seoul Women's University, Seoul, Korea
The International Conference of the Association of Korean Economic Studies on
Korea and the World Economy, XI
'New Challenge for the Korea and the World Economy in the Era of Globalization and Polarization'

July 13 - 14, 2012, Seoul Women's University, Seoul, Korea
Program and Downloadable Papers

List of Participants

Seoul Women's University: Campus Map and the Location of the Conference

  • The conference will be held at Student Hall (Building # 7 in the campus map below)

Accomodations and Transportations
The Holiday Inn Seoul Seongbuk offers a concessionary room rate for our conference participants: Duration of stay: July 12-15, 2012. The hotel is located near Seoul Women's University .

  • Holiday Inn Seoul Seongbuk

    • General information

    • Special rates for the conference participants and the hotel reservation form

    • Transportation (from either Incheon or Gimpo International Airport to the hotel)

    • Hotel Map

    • Free shuttle bus by hotel (from hotel to Dongdaemon/Myeong Dong areas)

Seoul Women's University will offer you free shuttle bus that runs from the hotel to Seoul Women's University.

Directions and Transportations (For those who want to directly go to Seoul Women's University)

Organizers: . Young-Soo Shin, President, The Association of Korean Economic Studies , Seoul Women's University Kar-yiu Wong, Director, Research Center for International Economics , University of Washington
Won-Dong Cho, President, Koera Institute of Public Finance
Tae Young Kang, President, POSCO Research Institute 
Byoung Jun Song, President, Korea Institute for Industrial Economic and Trade
Chang-Hyun Yun, President, Korea Institute of Finance
Organizing Units : The Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES)
Korea Development Institute (KDI)
POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)
Koera Institute of Public Finance (KIPF)
University of Washington Research Center for International Economics (RCIE)
The Bank of Korea (BOK)
Korea Institute of Finance (KIF)
Supporting Units: Seoul Wemen's University (SWU)
Bank of Korea (BOK)
Korea Development Institute (KDI)
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)
Koera Institute of Public Finance (KIPF)
Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)
The Korea Employers Federation (KEF)
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA)
Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)
Hyundai Research Institute (HRI)
Korea Culture Promotion Incorporation (KCPI)
SK Research Institute for SUPEX Management (SKRI)
POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)
KB Financial Group
Hana Financial Group
Woori Financial Group
Korea Eximbank
Korea Tourism Organization
KNational Research Foundation of Korea
Dasan Instititue of Economic Research (DIER)
Program Committee: Sung Tai Kim, Chongju University (co-chair)
Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington (co-chair)
Joshua Aizenman, University of California, Santa Cruz
Shin-ichi Fukuda, University of Tokyo
Won Joong Kim, Kangwon National University
Yeonho Lee, Chungbuk National University
Charles Harvie, University of Wollongong
Hyun-Hoon Lee, Kangwon National University
Ki Heung Kim, Kyonggi University
Fukunari Kimura, Keio University
Byung In Lim, Chungbuk National University
Insill Yi, Sogang University
Local Oganizing Committee: Chang Kwon Kim, Jeonju University (co-chair)
Junsang Lee, Korea Development Institute
Young Se Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
Weh-Sol Moon, Seoul Women's University
Yong-Hwan Noh, Seoul Women's University
Soo Jeoung Sohn, Science and Technology Policy Institute
Publication Committee: Yeonho Lee, Chungbuk National University (co-editor of the Journal of
 Korea and the World Economy)
Joshua Aizenman, University of California, Santa Cruz (co-editor of the Journal of
Korea and the World Economy)
Chung MKoo, Kangwon National University
Jae-Young Lim, Korea University
Hyeon-seung Huh, Yonsei University
Fukunari Kimura, Keio University
Elias Sanidas, Seoul National University


This is the eleventh in the series of conferences on "Korea and the World Economy." Previous ones were held in Seoul, Korea (July 2002), Seattle, USA (August 2003), Seoul, Korea (July 2004), Seattle, USA (December 2005), Seoul, Korea (July 2006), Wollongong, Australia (July 2007), and Seoul and Chuncheon, Korea (June 2008), Hong Kong (July 2009), Songdo, Korea (June 2010) and California, USA (August 2011).
Economists, policy-makers, and practitioners are invited to submit papers on Korea, Asia-Pacific, and the world economy. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome. Papers in the following areas are especially sought:

  • New challenge for the capitalism

  • FTA and foreign trade

  • Polarization in the labor market and income class

  • Fiscal sustainability

  • Climate change and green growth

  • Korean economic development model: lessons for the developing countries

If interested, please send a draft of your paper or an extended abstract (500+ words long) in English, together with your name, affiliation, academic position, mail and e-mail addresses, and phone and fax numbers, by April 30, 2012 to Won Joong Kim (submission via e-mail is preferred):

Won Joong Kim, Department of Economics, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 200-701, Korea. <>

Papers will be selected through a competitive peer review. Notification of acceptance will be sent out around May 15, 2012. The final version of all papers for presentation will be due by June 15, 2012. The conference will be held in Seoul Women's University, Seoul, Korea (July 13 - 14, 2012).

Publication: All presenters will be invited (but not obligated) to submit their presented papers for publication in Korea and the World Economy (formerly known as the Journal of the Korean Economy), the English-language journal of the Association of Korean Economic Studies.

Important Dates:
- Abstract Submission: By April 30, 2012
- Notification of Acceptance: By May 15, 2012
- Full Paper Submission: By June 15, 2012
- Welcome Reception: July 12, 2012
- Conferences: July 13-14, 2012

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