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The Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES) was founded on October 18, 1997 to provide a forum for the dissemination of policy-related research and to encourage debate on the Korean economy. Although the primary focus of the Association has been on the Korean economy itself, East Asian and global issues with a direct impact on the Korean economy have also been explored. In collaboration with the Korea Development Institute Research Center for International Economics (RCIE) of the University of Washington, AKES has held a series of annual conferences with the broad theme of “Korea and the World Economy.” Up to now, these conferences have been held in Seoul, Korea (July 2002), Seattle, USA (August 2003), Seoul, Korea (July 2004), Seattle, USA (December 2005), Seoul, Korea (July 2006), Wollongong, Australia (July 2007), Seoul and Chuncheon, Korea (June 2008), Hong Kong (July 2009), and Incheon, Korea (June 2010). At each conference in the “Korea and the World Economy” series, about 50 papers on Korea, Asia-Pacific, and the world economy were presented and discussed among economists, policy-makers, and practitioners. AKES has also organized a number of policy forums.

AKES publishes two academic journals: 韓國經濟硏究』(Hanguk-gyeongjae-yeongu), a journal published four times each year in Korean, and Korea and the World Economy (KWE) which is an English-language journal published three times each year. Hanguk-gyeongjae-yeongu is indexed in the Korean Research Foundation’s accredited journal list, and KWE is indexed both in the Korean Research Foundation’s accredited journal list and in the Journal of Economic Literature.