Greetings from President

//Greetings from President
Greetings from President 2019-01-23T03:17:43+00:00

Dear Members,


Hyun-Hoon LEE

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for the Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES). I will do my best to continue the various current missions on an ongoing basis and to extend our research interests and networks.

As we all know, economic success was not achieved in isolation. Rapidly growing dependence on regionalism in the global economy is putting pressure on each country to join an active trading block. We as economists need to fulfill our important role in promoting research interests and networks as well as economic cooperation between our various countries.

The aims of our association are being effectively and progressively achieved by means of international conferences and two distinguished journals. International conferences are held annually in different countries, including Korea.

One of our two journals is published in Korean (The Journal of Korean Economic Studies), and the other in English (Korea and the World Economy). Our association hopes that the conferences and journals will be particularly productive in disseminating your new ideas and promoting our research networks.

Thank you.

Hyun-Hoon LEE, President