Greetings from President

//Greetings from President
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Dear Members,


Byongho Tchoe

Dear Members of the Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES) !

I am Byongho Tchoe, a Professor at University of Seoul, who will serve as the 20th president of the Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES) in 2022. The Association of Korean Economic Studies was established in October 1997, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the association. In addition to academic and policy research on the Korean economy, our association has contributed to enhancing the global status of the Korean economy by continuously interacting with foreign scholars who study the Korean economy. I believe this was achieved through the passion and sacrifice of members, including past presidents and executives. As the 20th president, I will do my best to solidify the status of the Association of Korean Economic Studies.

First, we will elevate the status of the society by revitalizing international academic exchanges, which our association has been focusing on since its foundation. We will endeavor to contribute to the internationalization of 『Korea and the World Economy』, English journal published by AKES, through international academic exchanges. Second, we will revitalize the forum for policy discussion so that our society can become a practical society that wisely diagnoses and analyzes problems in the Korean economy, and strives to make the 『Journal of Korean Economic Studies』 (한국경제연구), Korean journal published by AKES, a representative academic journal that studies the Korean economy. Third, we will stimulate the participation of economists in the Association of Korean Economic Studies (AKES). In addition, we will encourage the participation of government-run and private research institutes researching the Korean economy to collaborate more with our association.

Lastly, we will discuss together with our members what kind of position our association should occupy in the Korean economic academia and what kind of academic contribution it will make to the development of the Korean economy.

In the Year of the Tiger (壬寅年), I wish all members a strong leap forward and good health and good fortune. Thank you.

Best regards,

Byongho Tchoe