Greetings from President

//Greetings from President
Greetings from President 2020-02-24T02:04:54+00:00

Dear Members,


Chong-gak Shin

I, Dr. Shin Chong-gak, am humbled to serve as the 18th chairman of the Association of Korean Economic Studies in 2020, Gyeongja-Yeon, the year of white rat. We, the Association of Korean Economic Studies, have made great strides since our incorporation of the Korean Economic Society in October 1997. Our society has steadily expanded our research capacities in the Korean economy not only with academic research, but also with policy research on various issues facing the Korean economy, as well as with scholars from many countries around the world who study the Korean economy. The achievements of our society are the will of our founding directors who have founded and developed the society, the founding officers and initial members of the our academy, and our members who have participated in the development process of the society for over 20 years. I think each one is a result of accumulation and expression. It is my honor to add my little strength as the chairman in the year of 2020 to our society, which has been operated with the will of our senior members and fellow members.

After graduating with a Ph.D., I taught at a university for three years. Since then, I have been conducting policy research for twenty years at a research institute including the National Research Institute of the Republic of Korea. In addition, I have consistently participated in the Korean Society for Economic Studies, as well as social policy, financial and econometrics conferences, and have continued to interact with professors and doctors at the university and many research institutes. In particular, through the activities of the Association of Korean Economic Studies, many of the gaps that I felt in my Ph.D. course and the reality of my policy research have been resolved. I have been very happy and thoughtful about participating in our conference.

I am honored to have been elected as the 18th chairman of the Association of Korean Economic Studies through the presidency and general meeting in the fall of 2019. I will pour our various achievements and experiences from my policy research institutes into the development of our society. I will work with the professors who have achieved educational and academic achievements at universities, researchers from policy research institutes with similar experiences with me, and other researchers who are members of our society. In particular, we will do our best to bring theoretical studies and policy research such as theoretical studies on the Korean economy, present conditions and problems of the Korean economy, and policy proposals to be harmonized, and international exchanges on the Korean economy become more active.

Recently, our society has made great strides in appearance, but there have been some aspirations to be solved. During my tenure, I, the Secretariat, and the Presidency will address various issues such as the legal issues of the Society, which was launched as a not-for-profit corporation, the international recognition and listing of the English journal, the efficient operation of international conferences, and the decrease of the fund for operation of the society due to changes in the external environment. We would like to run the society in a solid manner, with a primary interest in creating a foundation for these above mentioned issues. After the founding of our society and the remarkable development of more than 20 years, we would like to solidify our foundation for tomorrow’s leap and laying the foundation for tomorrow’s infinite development with a second founding spirit. I will do my best to receive support and support.

The 2020 Gyeonga New Year was celebrated. I will work hard for the endless development of the Association of Korean Economic Studies by starting my work with a diligent and bright heart like a rat. We look forward to the health and happiness of former Presidents of our societies and our members throughout the year.

Thank you very much.


Chong-gak Shin, President