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No.3 December 2017

 The Comparative Study on Russian and Korean Commercial Banks Efficiency Based on the Measurement of Relative Efficiency Using the Data Envelopment Analysis    Ho-Soo Nah, Viacheslav Den
 Incorporating Uncertainty in Analyzing the Financial Feasibility of Solar Project in India    Jongwoo Moon, Tae Yong Jung
 Loan­to­Deposit Ratio vs. Basel III Net Stable Funding Ratio: Case in Korean Banks    Tae Soo Kang, Hyun Yeol Shin
 Japan’s ODA in Globally Integrated CLMV Economies: Aid Effectiveness and Political Economy    Tran Van Hoa, Kitti Limskul
 Size Impact and Productivity Growth in Korea’s Export-leading Industries    Mi Kyung Pai

No.2 August 2017

Contagion Effects and Volatility Impulse Responses between US and Asian Stock Markets    Sang Hoon Kang, Hee-un Ko,  Seong-Min Yoon
 Inflation Targeting, Exchange-Rate Targeting Monetary Policies in an Open New Keynesian DSGE Model    Hsu Chen-Min, Tsai Yue-Kun
 Interdependence between Manufacturing and Service Foreign Direct Investments of Korea    Yuehong Hao, Jung Hur
 Matching Efficiency vs. Worker Flows:Accounting for Unemployment Dynamics in Korea    Junsang Lee, Sukhoon Lee

No.1 April 2017

 A Study of the Financial Stress Using Credit Spreads    Yong-Gook Jung
 Marginal Abatement Cost of CO2 Mitigation Options for the Residential Sector in Korea    Tae Yong Jung, Chan Park
Domestic Competition and the Propensity to Export: An Inverted-U Shaped Relationship    Yonghun Jung
The Credit Spread and U.S. Business Cycles    Junsang Lee, Keisuke Otsu
Global Market Volatility and Portfolio Fund Flows in Emerging Market    Tae Soo Kang, Tae-Hoon Lim

No.S1 February 2017

Introduction    Tae Yong Jung, Sung Jin Kang
Sustainable Development: Some Reflections in the Asian Context    Bindu Lohani
Climate Change Actions in Asia and the Pacific: Forging a Low-carbon Development Path    Sangmin Nam, Gabrielle Chan
Developing a Tool to Assess Green Growth Potential at a National Level    Yong Sung Kim, Myung Kyoon Lee
Sustainable Energy Cooperation between CLMV Countries and Korea    Soyoung Lim
An Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Solar PV-Diesel-ESS System for Kumundhoo, Maldives    Tae Yong Jung, Yu Tack Kim, Jung Hee Hyun
Green Growth and Solar Photovoltaic Technologies in Korea Sustainable Energy Cooperation between CLMV Countries and Korea    Sung Jin Kang, Soo Jung Kim, Dong Hwan Kim
Localities and Urban Green Growth: Half Century’s Revitalization of Cheong-Gye-Cheon (CGC) in Seoul    Heekyung Park, Jongseok Shin

No.3 December 2016

 Effects of Pension Contribution on Household Saving and Consumption under Financial Indebtedness The Comparative Study on Russian and Korean Commercial Banks Efficiency Based on the Measurement of Relative Efficiency Using the Data Envelopment Analysis    Jusang Ahn, Junsang Lee
 Regional Environmental Kuznets Curves and Their Turning Points for Air Pollutants in Korea Incorporating Uncertainty in Analyzing the Financial Feasibility of Solar Project in India    Soo Jung Kim, Tae Yong Jung, Sung Jin Kang
The Effects of Network on Exports of Petroleum Refinery Goods in Korea    Young-wan Goo, Hae-Sang Sun, Seong-Hoon Lee
Do Animal-Spirits Matter for Fundamentals? U.S. Firm-Level Evidence  Dong-Jin Pyo
What Are Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations?    Keun Yeong Lee

No.2 August 2016

 Understanding the Flow of Electronic Parts and Components in East Asia    Willem Thorbecke
 Consumer Confidence and Economic Activity: What Causes What?    Jounghyeon Kim
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) FTA: Reducing Trade Cost through Removal of Non-Tariff Measures    Rajan Sudesh Ratna, Jing Huang
Technological Distance and Bilateral Trade in Asia    Sepideh Ohadi Esfahani, Seyed Komail Tayebi
 Bundling and Subsidy Competition in the Mobile Telecommunications Market: A Welfare Analysis of Subsidy Regulation What Are Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations?    Sangheon Lee, Minsoo Park

No.1 April 2016

Wage Disparities and Internal Migration Patterns    Akira Shimada
Intergenerational Bequests and the Divergence of Income Distribution    Joong Ho Kook
The Ramadan Effects on the Economy:    Hee-Ryang Ra
Bond Investment Home Bias in East Asia    Lian Liu
Job Separation Risk and Youth Unemployment in Korea    Jaeho Keum, Insill Yi

No.3 December 2015

Financial Risk and Cross-border M&A    Badassa Wolteji Chala, Kazunobu Hayakawa,Hyun-Hoon Lee
How Important is Non-Cognitive Personality and Growth Background to the Persistence of Unemployment in Korea?    Seo-Hyeong Lee,Ki-Dong Lee,Yeon-Joo Jang
Recession Forecasting with Time-Varying Predictors    Youngjin Hwang
 Effect of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Trade Integration in ASEAN+3    Seyed Komail Tayebi,Zahra Zamani,Chung Mo Koo
 Interrelationship of Stock Prices in Asian Markets and the Financial Crises    Yan Zhang
Corporate Financing Choices in South Korea: Trends in the Aggregate Financials and the Pecking Order Theory    Na Young Park

No.2 August 2015

The Bank-lending Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission in China: A Comparison between Chinese and Foreign Banks    Nan Li, Yeonho Lee
Returns to Scale, Markup and Total Factor Productivity for the Japanese Manufacturing Industry    Sangho Kim, Keunjae Lee
An Investigation of the Determinants of Household Vulnerability and Poverty in Korea    Woojin Kang
Determinants of Imports of Petroleum-based Refinery Goods in South Korea: Network Structure and The Heckscher-Ohlin Theory    Taekhee Cho,Seonghoon Lee,Youngwan Goo
 A Panel Data Analysis of the Effectiveness of Regional Policy on Mitigating Capital Area Population Concentration in Korea    Hyun-A Kim
Environment Policy and Renewable Energy R&D Incentives in Cournot Competition    Kyonghwa Jeong, Kieun Shim

No.1 April 2015

Technology, employment, and cleansing effects: An Empirical Study of the G-7    Hyeon-seung Huh, Wongun Song
The Effects of Strategic Delegation on Price Competition with Product Compatibility and Network Externalities    Guangsug Hahn, Joon Yeop Kwon, Dong Chul Won
Aggregate Fluctuations and Industrial Network Effect: International Evidence    Jen-Chieh Teng
The De Facto Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia over 2003-2014    Jingjing Meng
 Does Local Autonomy Enhance the Autonomy in Local Public Finance? : Evidence from the Case of Korea    Joong-Ho Kook
The Impact of Financial Crisis on the Financial Asset    Jinhyung Lee

No.3 December 2014

Parental Migration, Family Migration and Human Capital Formation    Akira Shimada
Validity of Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Hypothesis: A Complete and Partial Test Approach    Archana Srivastava, Somesh K Mathur
Hysteresis in Labor Market in Metropolitan and Southeastern Areas of South Korea    Hyun Jin Jo, GiSeung Kim
The Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy in Korea    Moohwan Kim
Real Business Cycles and Iran-Korea Trade Relations: A Spectral Analysis on Gravity Approach    Seyed Komail Tayebi, Zahra Zamani

No.2 August 2014

Innovation and Competition: The True Innovativeness of Innovation and Distance to Frontier    Joung Yeo Angela No, Boyoung Seo
Intraday Price and Volatility Spillovers between Japanese and Korean Stock Markets    Sang Hoon Kang, Seong-Min Yoon
Analysis of Spatial Interaction Effect of Retail Gasoline Price in Seoul: A Spatial Econometric Approach    Yeimin Chung, Hojeong Park
Ambiguity Effects on Asset Market Equilibrium under Two-Tiered Asymmetric Information    Guangsug Hahn, Joon Yeop Kweon
Housing Cycles in Emerging-Market Economies    Jeong Kim
Effects of Technical Change on Employment    Jaeuk Ju
 X-Inefficiency and Privatization in a Mixed Duopoly    Woohyung Lee, Ki-Dong Lee

No.1 April 2014

Korean Trade Flows and the S-Curve    Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Ruizin Zhang
Accounting for Ins and Outs of Unemployment in Korea    Seongtae Kim and Junsang Lee
Effects of U.S. Macroeconomic Shocks on International Commodity Prices    Won Joong Kim, Shawkat Hammoudeh and Kyongwook Choi
The Propagation of the US Financial Crisis to a Small Open Economy: Evidence from Korea    Junhee Lee and Andrew Taylor
Is Korea Exploiting its Trade Potentials between Africa? : Gravity Equation Analysis and Policy Implications    Gil Seong Kang
Inward FDIs’ Location Choices: Differences in Source Countries    Seok-Joon Hwang

No.3 December 2013

Disproportionate Patterns of Retaliatory Antidumping Filings by Developing and Developed Countries    Jung Hur,  Jieun Jung
Determinants of International Capital Flows in Korea: Push vs. Pull Factors    Soyoung Kim, Sunghyun Kim, Yoonseok Choi
Effective Human Capital and Long-run Economic Growth    Young Joon Kim
Country Spread, the U.S. and Japanese Interest Rates, and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Korea    Taly I, David Kim
Japanese Yen’s Trade Spillover    Benno Ferrarini
Japanese Yen Behavior Since 1980    Jin-Ock Kim, Gi-Choon Kang
 Policy Implications for Inclusive Growth in the Republic of Korea    Young Youn Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon Lee

No.2 August 2013

Some Evidence on the Asymmetry of Interest Rate Pass-Through in Asian Economies    Byungchul Yu, Sun Eae Chun, Jongchai Kim
Changes in Variety, Price, and Quality of Chinese Export Products in Trade with Korea    Taegi Kim
FDI and export spillovers through horizontal and vertical linkages in South Korea using Heckman’s two step approach    Minjung Kim
The Role of China in International Fragmentation and Production Network: An Empirical Investigation    Hyun-Hoon Lee, Donghyun Park, Jing Wang
Synchronization between Financial Crisis and International Business Cycles: Evidence from Asia    Seyed Komail Tayebi, Zahra Zamani
Has the Burden of Obesity Declined in America since 1980?    Sok Chul Hong
 What do we know about non-regular workers in Korea?    Jaeho Keum, Insill Yi

No.1 April 2013

The Effects of Monetary Policy on Individual Welfares    Sung Jin Kang, Yong Woon Chung, Sang Hak Sohn
Giving Choices in Dictator Games: Social Information, Motives, and Fairness Preferences    Jinsoo Hahn
Efficiency and Productivity Impacts of Restructuring the Korean Electricity Generation    Almas Heshmati
The Effects of Macroeconomics Shocks on Exchange Rate and Trade Balances in Korea    Batbayar Buyangerel, Won Joong Kim
Volatility Spillover between Exchange Rate and Stock Price: Evidence from Korea    Sang Hoon Kang, Seong-Min Yoon
The Effect of Corporate Taxes on Firm Productivity in Korea    Jiyoung Kim
 The Effect of R&D Investments on Economic Inequality in Korea    Sung Tai Kim, Young Jun Chun, Seung-Rae Kim

No.3 December 2012

Short-Term External Debt and Fear of Losing International Reserves    Choon-Won Park, Daekeun Park
The Impact of BaselⅢ Bank Regulation on Lending Spreads: Comparisons across Countries and Business Models    Sun Eae Chun, Hoon Kim, Wonhong Ko
Fiscal Policies of Korea through the Global Financial Crisis    Seok-Kyun Hur, Seong Tae Kim
An Assessment of Korea’s Post-Crisis Public Sector Reforms    O. Yul Kwon
Digital-divide across Asian countries: Is the Convergence Robust?    Keun Yeob Oh, Vinish Kathuria
Explaining the Joint Behavior of Employment Unemployment and Nonparticipation    Weh-Sol Moon
Optimal Portfolio of Knowledge and Human Capital Investment    Young Jun Chun, Seung Rae Kim, Sung Tai Kim

No.2 August 2012

Policy Challenges in a Dual Exchange Rate Regime    Sven W. Arndt
Income Tax and Older American Workers’ Job Transition into Self-employment    Seng-Eun Choi
The Predictability of Asian Stock Returns    Keun Yeong Lee
Sources of Housing Price Fluctuations: An Analysis Using Sign-restricted VAR    Youngjin Hwang
FDI-friendly Good Business Environments versus FDI-deterring Good Business Environments    Chul-Woo Kwon, Bong Geul Chun
Demographic Structure and Financial Markets in Korea    Cheolbeom Park, Dong Heon Kim

No.1 April 2012

Structural Change and Financial Instability in an Open Economy    Kenshiro Ninomiya, Masaaki Tokuda
Complementarities between Bilateral Trade and Financial Integration    Kwanho Shin, Doo Yong Yang
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of Korean Immigration Policy    Kerk L. Phillips
Effects of Consumer Sophistication on Export Competition between Korea and China    Chong Sup Kim, Jung Joo La
FDI and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade between Korea and China    Kwangsuk Han, Jaeho Lee
Liberalising Trans-Pacific Trade: An Ex-ante Assessment of the Mexico-South Korea FTA-to-be    Juan J. Palacios

No.3 December 2011

The Impact of the Chinese Renminbi on Korean and Japanese Exports to the United States    SaangJoon Baak
Two-State Markov Switching Volatility Model for Ultra-High-Frequency Data of JGB Futures    Soo Nam Park and Young-Jae Kim
A Small-Scale Monetary Policy Model for Korea    Ji Shi Piao and Sangyong Joo
Corruption and Government Roles: Causes, Economic Effects, and Scope    Young Se Kim and Jong Won Lee
The Crisis of Crisis Management    Henrique Schneider
Trade Liberalization in Environmental Goods: Major Issues and Impacts    Sang Hee Yoo and Jisun Kim

No.2 August 2011

The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy Implications    Cyn-Young Park, Ruperto P. Majuca, and Josef T. Yap
Oil Shocks and the World Rice Market Puzzle: A Structural VAR Analysis    Alberto Mondi, Chung Mo Koo, and Won Joong Kim
Trade Relations and Long-run Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) between the Selected East Asian Countries and Iran    Abbas Aminifard and Seyed Komail Tayebi
An Empirical Evaluation of the Balanced Growth Hypothesis: Evidence from Australia    Philip Inyeob Ji and Jonghyeon Park
Direction of Causality in Innovation-Exporting Linkage: Evidence from Microdata on Korean Manufacturing    Chin Hee Hahn and Chang-Gyun Park
Measuring Growth-CO2 Emission Trade-offs for Climate Change Responses and Compensation Policies: The Case of Korea    Tran Van Hoa

No.1 April 2011

Financial Liberalization with Macro-Stability and Fiscal Revenue: Resolving Economic Dilemmas in China    Mo Pak Hung
The Economic Growth Effect of R&D Activity in Korea    Jin Woong Kim
India-Korea CEPA: An Assessment    Shahid Ahmed
Price and Volatility Transmission between ADRs and Their Underlying Stocks: Evidence from the Korean Case    Sang-Hoon Kang, Seong-Min Yoon
The Impact of Foreign Aid’s 7 Functional Categories on Economic Development in Recipient Countries    Kyunghee Min, Elias Sanidas
Testing the Uncorrelatedness of Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Shocks in VAR Models    Hyeon-seung Huh
Housing Price Convergence in Korea: Do Purchase Price and Jeonse Price in Common?    Young Se Kim

No.3 December 2010

Local Challenges in Global Korea: Rebalancing with Leverage    Meral Karasulu
The Effects of Monetary Policy under the Credit Scoring System: The Experience from Korea in the Early 2000s    Jaewoon Koo, Hoseong Moon and Gyoocheol Shim
Learning-by-exporting and Plant Characteristics: Evidence from Korean Plant-level Data    Chin Hee Hahn and Chang-Gyun Park
Energy Use and Division of Capital Stock in Endogenous R&D Model    Youngho Chang
Monetary Policy and Foreign Shocks: A SVAR Analysis for Malaysia    Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi and Lance A. Fisher
Intra-industry Trade and the Open Economy    Sven W. Arndt
 Two-way Cross-border Transactions in Financial Assets and Their Implications for Financial Cooperation in East Asia    Hyun-Hoon Lee

No.2 August 2010

High Tech, Low Fertility, Korea Becomes a Role Model in Cultural Industrial Policy    An-Chi Tung and Henry Wan, Jr.
Labor Market Dynamics in Korea – Looking Back and Ahead    Leif Lybecker Eskesen
Measuring Renminbi Misalignment: Where Do We Stand?    Yin-Wong Cheung, Menzie D. Chinn and· Eiji Fujii
East Asian Monetary Integration and the Composite Index of OCA Criteria    Kwangsuk Han and Yeonho Lee
Technology Transfer and Competition: Does Mode of Foreign Entry Matter?    Mikyung Yun
Machinery Trade in East Asia and the Global Financial Crisis    Mitsuyo Ando
 Education Competition and Redistribution    Minseong Kim and Bong Je Choi

No.1 April 2010

A Preview of Tale of Korea’s Two Crises: Distinct Aftermaths of 1997 and 2008 Crises    Chan-Guk Huh and Kwanghee Nam
The Comparative Study on Efficiency of the Large-sized Cities in Korea and China    Ho Soo Nah and Hong Yul Jeong
The Role and Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy    Peter J. Morgan
Does Developing Asia Have Too Much Foreign Exchange Reserves? An Empirical Examination    Donghyun Park and Gemma Esther B. Estrada
Sudden Changes in Variance and Volatility Persistence in Asian Foreign Exchange Markets    Sang Hoon Kang and Seong-Min Yoon
Firm Size and Taxes    Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Yothin Jinjarak
 Korea’s Capitalistic Planning Model: Policy Lessons for Mongolia    Inchul Kim
 The Choice of Transport Mode: Evidence from Japanese Exports to East Asia    Kazunobu Hayakawa

No.3 December 2009

 Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific Region: How Wide, How Deep?    Richard Pomfret
Spending on Private Education: Semiparametric Estimation Approach    Joonwoo Nahm and Woo-Hyung Hong
The Changing Economic Relations between China and Korea: Patterns, Trends and Policy Implications    Francis Nicolas
Estimation on Performance of Credit Guarantee to SMEs by ‘Treatment Effect’ Method*    Yeonseung Chung and Byungleep Ahn
Opportunity Cost and the Demand for International Reserves: A Simultaneous Approach Incorporating the Supply Side    Hee-Ryang Ra
Relationship between Consumer Sentiment and Stock Price in Korea    Seung-Nyeon Kim and Wankeun Oh

No.2 August 2009

On the Dynamic Characteristics of the Open Harris-Todaro Model    Tadashi Inoue
Delegation with Asymmetric Reimbursement Systems in an Environmental Conflict    Sung-Hoon Park
Productivity Growth Analysis in OECD Countries: Application of Metafrontier Functions    Geeta Krishnasamy
Barriers to Trade in the Second Era of Globalisation: Empirical Evidence from Korea    Prabir De
A Dynamic Analysis of Economic Liberalizations and Income Convergence in East Asia:A Difference-i…    Seyed Komail Tayebi…
Explaining the Equity Premium in Korea    Ki Young Park

No.1 April 2009

The Effects of Increased Foreign Ownership on Korean Domestic Banks    Insill Yi, Stephen M. Miller, Youngil Jeon
FTA Negotiations in Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study on the Determinants FTA among Bilateral Trading Partners    Ruwan Jayathilaka, Nandasiri Keembiyatetti
The Discrepancy between Statutory Tax and Real Tax Burden: The Case of Korea    Jin Kwon Hyun, Seung-Hoon Jeon, Byung-In Lim
A Bubble without Inflation    Donghyun Kenshiro Ninomiya, Amal Sanyal
The Economics behind Free Tickets in Korean Movie Industry    Keunjae Lee, Byeongho Choe, Jong-Pil Jeong
Signaling Credibility – Choosing Optimal Debt and International Reserves    Joshua Azenman, Jorge Fernanndez-Ruiz

No.3 December 2008 JKE

Fiscal Sustainability and Its Implication for Fiscal Policy in Korea    Chung Mo Koo
House Prices and Monetary Policy: A Dynamic Factor Model for Korea    Joonhyuk Song
Liquidity and Currency Competition under a Single Currency: Differences in the Transmission of Shocks    Byung-Kun Rhee
Multiple Structural Breaks in Korea’s Macroeconomic Data: An Application of the Lumsdaine and Papell Test    Mosayeb Pahlavani, Charles Harvie
Non-Periodic Cycles and Long Memory Property in the Korean Stock Market    Seong-Min Yoon, Sang Hoon Kang
Capital Flows and Demographics – An Asian Perspective    Erik Lueth

No.2 August 2008 JKE

Determinants of Ownership Structure in Joint Ventures: A Study on Korean Multinational Firms    Bong Geul Chun
FTA Influence on Trade Creation and Diversion by Regional Trading Blocs    Keembiyahettige Nandasiri, Jung Hur
The Spatial Density of Production Activity and Productivity Differentials across Regions: A Case of Korea    Ky-hyang Yuhn, Yung Joon Lee, Min-Hong Oh
Panel Causality Analysis on FDI — Exports – Economic Growth Nexus in First and Second Generation ANIEs    Yongkul Won, Frank S. T. Hsiao
Is Consumer Sentiment Index Useful in Predicting Household Consumption? A Directional Analysis with Korean Data    Seung-Nyeon Kim, Young-Wan Goo
The Influence of Cultural Factors on Trade in Agricultural Products    Kuo-I Chang, Kazunobu Hayakawa, Hyun-Hoon Lee

No.1 April 2008 JKE

Public Finance in Korea since the Economic Crisis    Ilho Yoo
Measuring the Impact of Human Capital on the Economic Growth of South Korea    Sebastian Acevedo
Bank-dependence, Financial Constraints, and Investments: Evidence from Korea    Jaewoon Koo · Kyunghee Maeng
Are Korean Firms Doing Well? Evidence from Shandong Province in China    Fukunari Kimura · Kazunobu Hayakawa · Zheng Ji
A Longitudinal Analysis of Inter-Industry Wage Differentials in the Korean Labor Market    Donghun Cho
Should Small Open Economies in East Asia Keep All Their Eggs in One Basket: The Role of Balance Sheet Effects    Slavi T. Slavov

No.2 Fall 2007 JKE

Causal Relation between Sino-Korea FDI and Exports    Doowon Lee · Hyeon-Seung Huh ·Seonghoon Cho
Exchange Rate Pass-through on Disaggregated Korean Export Prices: A Structural VAR Approach    Won Joong Kim
Open Economy Financial Instability    Kenshiro Ninomiya
Common Trends, Common Cycles and Forecasting    Bonhyuk Gu · Hahn S. Lee
Strategic Divisionalization, Product Differentiation and International Competition    Kazumichi Iwasa · Toru Kikuchi
Index Futures Trading and Asymmetric Volatility: Evidence from Asian Stock Markets    Sang Hoon Kang · Seong-Min Yoon
Japan’s Fiscal Crisis and Implications for Imports from Korea    Dick Beason · R. Todd Smith
Endogenous Growth and Agglomeration Economies in Korean Manufacturing: A Sign of Declining Competitiveness    Yung Joon Lee · Ky-hyang Yuhn ·Dae-Shik Lee
Sources of Economic Growth in South Korea: An Application of the ARDL Analysis in the Presence of Structural Breaks 1980-2005    Charles Harvie · Mosayeb Pahlavani

No.1 Summer 2007 JKE

The Effect of Legal Entry Barriers on Entry Rate, Exit Rate, and Economic Performance: An Application of Difference in Difference Method to a Korean Case    In Kwon Lee
Structural Breaks and Testing for the Random Walk Hypothesis in International Stock Prices    Surachai Chancharat, Abbas Valadkhani
Exchange Rate Volatility, Trade, Export Price and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Korea    Won Joong Kim
Impact of Consumption Pattern Changes on Environmental Pollution in Korea    Jong Won Lee, Seong-Bin Park
Causal Empirics and Political Economy of Official Development Assistance and Development in Asia: The Case of Vietnam    Tran Van Hoa
Trade Structures and Relations among China, Japan, and Korea    Young Man Yoon, Taek-Dong Yeo
Demand for International Reserves: A Case Study for Korea    Hee-Ryang Ra
On the Global Properties of the Model of Developing Countries with Imperfect International Financial Market    Tadashi Inoue

No.2 Fall 2006 JKE

Testing for Structural Breaks in the Korean Economy 1980-2005: An Application of the Innovational Outlier and Addictive Outlier Models    CHARLES HARVIE, MOSAYEB PAHLAVANI
The Co-movement of Inflation and the Real Growth of Output    JAE HO YOON
E-Finance Development in Korea    CHOONG YONG AHN, DOO YONG YANG
International Real Business Cycle Model with Human Capital and Skill Acquisition Activities    JAI HYUNG YOON
Pursuing the Best Form of Plurilateral Regional Trade Arrangements in East Asia    HYUN-HOON LEE, FUKUNARI KIMURA, HYEON-SEUNG HUH, ARATA KUNO
Long-Term Dependence in the Foreign Exchange Markets: International Evidence    SANG-HOON KANG

No.1 Spring 2006 JKE

Quantile Regression Analysis of Wage Determinants in the Korean Labor Market    BYUNG-JOO LEE, MARY J. LEE
Trade and the Environment in East Asia: Examining the Linkages with Japan and the USA    FUMIKO TAKEDA, KATSUMI MATSUURA
On the Dynamics of Innovative Strategic Alliances in Korea    B. MICHEAL GILROY, ELMAR LUKAS
Financial Supervision of Merchant Banking Corporations as a Cause of Korea’s Currency Crisis    DOO-YULL CHOI, YEONHO LEE
Network Externalities, Competition, and Trade: East Asian Perspectives    TORU KIKUCHI, CHIHARU KOBAYASHI
Tax Compliances in Korea and Japan: Why are they so different?    JIN KWON HYUN
Impact of Implementing Economic Integration between Iran and Korea on their Intra-Industry Trade(IIT)    SEYED KOMAIL TAYYEBI, SHIRIN ARBABIAN

No.2 Fall 2005 JKE

Ex Ante Carrots Instead of Ex Post Sticks: Two Examples    JOSHUA AIZENMAN
The Choice of Invoice Currency under Exchange Rate Uncertainty: Theory and Evidence from Korea    SHIN-ICHI FUKUDA, MASANORI ONO
Debt Sustainability in East Asia after the Financial Crisis    HYEON-SEUNG HUH, RAGHBENDRA JHA, CHUNG MO KOO
 Impact of Economic Policy Reform and Regional and Global Shocks on Trade and Growth in East Asia: Econometric Evidence for China    TRAN VAN HOA
Absolute Convergence, Its Speed and Economic Growth for Selected Countries for 1961-2001    SOMESH K. MATHUR
Voluntary Import Expansions (VIEs): Voluntary or Not?    MASAO ODA, TAEK-DONG YEO
Application of the IS-MP-IA Model and the Taylor Rule to Korea and Policy Implications    DON P. CLARK, YU HSING
A Disequilibrium Model of the Korean Credit Crunch    EHUNG GI BAEK

No.1 Spring 2005 JKE

Path-dependency and Transition Strategy of Korean Financial System    ICK JIN, TAEHONG JIN, JEONGHO HAHM
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Phased Korean Reunification    SCOTT C. BRADFORD, KERK L. PHILLIPS
The Financial Crisis and Income Distribution in Korea: The Role of Income Tax Policy    JIN KWON HYUN, BYUNG-IN LIM
Interactions among Economic Development, Openness to Trade and Environmental Sustainability with a Case Study on South Korea    SAVAS ALPAY
Import Tariffs and Growth    HONGSHIK LEE
Scale Economies and Returns to Variety of Local Government Expenditures in Korea    SUNG TAI KIM

No.2 Fall 2004 JKE

Keynote Speech    UN-CHAN CHUNG
Policy Complementarities in Economic Development: the Case of South Korea    WOOSEOK OK
Regional Monetary Cooperation in East Asia against Asymmetric Responses to the US Dollar Depreciation    EIJI OGAWA
Korea’s Trade, Growth of Trade and the World Economy in Post-Crisis ASEAN+3 Free Trade Agreement: An Econometric and Policy Analysis    TRAN VAN HOA
Economic Relationship of China-Korea-Japan and Their Technological Cooperation in the IT Industry    YANG-TAEK LIM
The Australia-Korea Economic Relationship and Prospects for an FTA    CHARLES HARVIE
The Role of Taiwanese Foreign Direct Investment in China: Economic Integration or Hollowing -Out    CHEN-MIN HSU, WAN-CHUN LIUI
On the Dynamic Properties of the Labor-Surplus Economy    TADASHI INOUE
JONG-WON LEE Success and Failure of the Korean Economy and Its Prospects    SUNG-TAE RO
WONTACK HONG Catch up and Crisis in Korea    CHARLES HARVIE

No.1 Spring 2004 JKE

Estimating the Bank of Korea’s Monetary Policy Reaction Function: New Evidence and Implications    YU HSING, SANG H. LEE
Transmission of Stock Returns and Volatility: the Case of Korea    SANG-MOON HAHMI
Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Knowledge Spillovers: Firm-Level Evidence from Korean Firms’ Patent and Patent Citations    JAEHWA LEEI
Causes for Sluggish Foreign Direct Investment in Korea    O. YUL KWON
Trade and Investment between China and South Korea: Toward a Long-Term Partership Agenda    JOON-KYUNG KIM, YANGSEON KIM, CHUNG H. LEE
Communication Network and Regional Economic Development    TORU KIKUCHI
O. YUL KWON, SUNG-HEE JWA, KYUNG-TAE LEE Korea’s New Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era    JUNGSOO PARK

No.2 Fall 2003 JKE

Korea as an Economic Hub in Northeast Asia    HEEYHON SONG
Tutoring Technology through OEM Arrangement: Cast of Japan’s NEC and Korea’s DEC    JIN W. CYHN
A Comparision of the Performance of SMEs in Korea and Taiwan: Policy Implications for Turbulent Times    CHRIS HALL, CHARLES HARVIE
 Did the Currenty Account Matter? The Case of Korea    DAVID DEOK-KI KIM
Exchange Rate Exposure of Korean Companies: Pre- and Post-Economic Crisis Analysis    BYUNG-JOO LEE
New Approach to Estimation of the Core Inflation    JONG WON LEE, SANG DON LEE, KI-HO KIM
Exchange Rate Pass-through and Strategic Behavior in Japanese Imports of DRAMs    KATSUMI MATSUURA, FUMIKO TAKEDA
TAT YANG KONG, The Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea: A Fragile Miracle    JIN W. CYHN
JANG-SUP SHIN and HA-JOON CHANG, Restructuring Korea Inc    JIN W. CYHN

No.1 Spring 2003 JKE

Missing a Miracle: How Aggregate TFP Accounting Overlooks Sectoral Efficiency Gains  PHAM HOANG VAN, GHUNSU PARK, DONG SOO HA
Post-Crisis Financial Developments in Korea: Implications for Monetary Policy    GONGPIL CHOI
Hyperbola of Exchange Debt: A Lesson from Asian Crisis    KOJI AOKI, BYUNG S. MINI
Long Memory Property and Central Bank Intervention during the Currency Crisis in the Daily Korean won-US dollar Exchange Rates    YOUNG WOOK HAN
Korea and the World Economy – Economic Development Experience of Korea and Its Future Policy Agenda    JONG WON LEE
Bibliometrics of Studies on the Korean Economy and Business    MOONJOONG TCHA, MINSOO LEE
CHARLES HARVIE and HYUN-HOON LEE, Korea’s Economic Miracle: Fading or Reviving?    JUNGGUN OH
HEATHER SMITH, eds., The Economic Development of Northeast Asia    JIN W. CYHN

No.2 Fall 2002 JKE

Productivity Growth in Newly Developed Countries – The Case of Korea and Taiwan    FRANK S. T. HSIAO, CHANGSUH PARK
Do Union Inhibit Labor Flexibility? Lessons from Korea    JU-HO LEE, YOUNG-KYU MOH, DAE-IL KIM
Role of Cofirmity and Flexibility in Organizational Strategy during Crisis: A Case of Korean Venture Firms    HYUKSOO CHO, PATRIYA TANSUHAJ, JIM MCCULLOUGH, SUNG K. AHN
A Comprehensive Human Capital Index and Its Application to the Estimation of the Export and Import Functions in the Korean Manufacturing Industries    YANG-TAEK LIM, JOON-SUK JUNG
New Asian Regionalism: Empirical Foundation and Growth Prospects for ASEAN+3 Free Trade Agreement    TRAN VAN HOA
Rationale for an Asian Monetary Fund    YOUN-SUK KIM
New Asianism and Asian Union    JIA BAOHUA
YOUNG BACK CHOI, YESOOK MERRIL, YUNG Y. YANG and SEMOON CHANG, eds., Perspectives on Korean Univication and Economic Integration    MYUNG-LIM PARK
ANIS CHOWDHURY and IYANATUL ISLAM, eds., Beyond the Asian Crisis: Pathways to Sustainable Growth    SANGMOON HAHM

No.1 Spring 2002 JKE

The State and Institutions in East Asian Economic Development: The Past and the Future  CHUNG H. LEE
Did South Korea Choose the Best Growth Strategy and Can North Korea Follow the Lessons from the South    HUGO WHEEGOOK KIM
Democracy and Productive Welfare: European and Korean Welfare Policy Development in Perspective    STEIN KUHNLE
Financial Structure and Economic Growth in Korea    GAB-JE JO
What Determines Poverty in Korea in the 1990s?    HYUN HWA SON
Prospects and Challenges for Northeast Asia Free Trade Agreement    CHUNG MO KOO, DICK BEASON
AFTA in the Dynamic Perspective of Asian Trade: Towards a Closer Cooperation among ASEAN+3 Countries    TRAN VAN THO
Reforming Economic Systems in Asia – A Comparative Analysis of China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand by Maria Weber    CHARLES HARVIE
The Asia Recovery: Issues and Aspects of Development, Growth, Trade and Investment    JIN W. CHYN

No.2 Fall 2000 JKE

The Employment Problem in Korea    GARY S. FIELDS
Total Factor Productivity Growth and the Sources of Growth in Korean Manufacturing Indurstries, 1971-1993    SUNG YEUNG KWACK
Korean Labour Market and Social Safety-Net Reforms: Challenges and Policy Requiremants    JOHN P. MARTIN and RAYMOND TORRES
Was Korea’s Financial Crisis Self-fulfilling?    WON-AM PARK
Bad Credit Equilibria with the Abnormally Utilized Commercial Paper: A Catalyst of the Korean Currency Crisis    SUNGSUP RA and GONG YAN
The Influence of Foreign Capital on the Korean Stock Exchange    YOUNG-BAE PARK and JIM R. SLATER
Coodination and Industrial Organization: South Korea’s Chaebols versus Taiwon’s Small Enterprises    TONY FU-LAI YU

No.1 Spring 2000 JKE

The Aftermath of the Asian Financial for South Korea  LAWERENCE B. KRA
Firm Failure and Financial Crisis: The Experience of South Korea    KAR-YIU WONG
From Captial-Driven to Knowledge-Driven Growth in Korea    KEUN LEE
An Analysis of Sources of Growth in East Asian Economies and R&D Spillover Effects    KIHEUNG KIM
The Asian Crisis and the IMF: New Problems, Old Solutions?    JOSEPH P. JOYCE
A Critical Overview of Financial Sector Reform in Korea: Experience and Remaining Challenges    CHAN HUE
An Empirical Study of the Developement of the International Destribution Channels of Korean Trading Companies    EUNG KWEON LEE
External Factors Inducing Korean Overseas Direct Investment    KANG H. PARK · YONG T. LIM



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